About us

EP New Energies GmbH is the new competence centre for renewable energies within the EPH Group. We combine the drive of a start-up with the experience, resources and network of our corporate group. The financial strength of the shareholders provides the foundation for rapid and sustainable growth.

As a young and dynamic company, we have been driving forward the development and implementation of onshore wind energy, ground-mounted photovoltaics (PV), roof-mounted PV and floating PV since 2019. We benefit from the large amount of real estate of the companies within the EPH Group – spread across Europe.

Success through cooperation

EP New Energies is a start-up, integrated into a strong corporate group. We benefit from the experience of our corporate partners in numerous disciplines, including regional zoning, mining law, nature conservation, procurement and many more. Combined with our expertise in the planning of renewable energy projects, this is a key factor for success. It provides EP New Energies with the required breadth and strength for smooth project implementation and project success.